Passive House


If financial performance, superior indoor health, and energy efficiency are a priority for your project then Powers Brown Architecture recommends your consideration of building towards the Passive House Building Standard. This standard is based upon climate-specific comfort and energy use criteria and, unlike LEED, requires onsite testing for certification; a guarantee for an assets actual performance. The value created by raising NOI on these projects greatly exceeds their upfront costs. 

Buildings designed to this standard perform 60-85% better on energy consumption compared to code compliant buildings. On average, the additional cost of construction for commercial projects is 3-5% with typical payback periods of 5-7 years. And perhaps contrary to reason, as projects become larger in size first costs actually go down. Passive House also has the highest standards in our industry for airtightness and ventilation making them some of the healthiest indoor spaces in the world.

Powers Brown Architecture has an in-house Certified Passive House Consultant and QA/QC team that would be happy to engage with you on future-proofing your next project.

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