Project description

Almaza Bay is a Flagship mixed-use Development on North Egypt’s Mediterranean Coast on a plot of 650 hectares. Beachtown is the centrally located urban addition to the overall development mixing medium to high-density single and multi-family housing facilities, retail and entertainment venues all oriented towards the pedestrian experience. Buildings are intentionally contemporary in aesthetic and function designed as embedded forms within the landscape. The architecture for the individual buildings is choreographed in response to their relationships to three distinct circulation patterns – urban boulevards, walkable paseos, and parking areas. Careful consideration to solar orientation, views and privacy where living quarters are in close proximity was paramount to the design. We used a multiple building articulation strategy creating unique private entries for residences using a minimal amount of repeat conditions. The goal here was to create an urban environment less perceptible as a finite set of units and really more of an aggregate of unique homes. More importantly, it had to feel like a beach town.