Dr. Lutz Concierge Medical Clinic

Project description

Dr. Lutz’ goal was to create a new modern look for his concierge general practitioners practice for clients of all. The 1,768-sf space had several unique edgy design punches but still spoke to the sophistication and timelessness the Doctor wanted to achieve so his aesthetic could hold up over the test of time. Special attention to infection control and cleanability was made to the selection of all the materials. Color-corrected lighting was used throughout to insure his patients coloring was best suited for examination.  When planning the layout with Dr. Lutz he was also mindful of his staff and nurses helping through the day and wanted to create an open environment with natural light and attention to ergonomics. This was achieved by providing a centralized nurse’s station with custom sit-stand desks and a back lit modern reception desk with lots of natural light penetrating through the full glass fronts of the exam rooms on the perimeter, film was applied to ensure patient privacy also allowing the light to pour into the middle of the suite. This coupled with open ceilings in the hallways gave this mere 1,768 sf space a grand experience.

If you are a guest in the waiting area; you will be enjoying a completely unique custom art piece of lighting recessed in the wall and soffit, leading you eyes to additional soothing art on the walls.