355 Wilkinson

Project description

355 Wilkinson is part of the Zero Carbon Building Pilot Project with the Canadian Green Building Council. CaGBC’s Zero Carbon Building Standard is Canada’s first green building program to make carbon emissions the key indicator for building performance. The development will include a series of four or five multi-tenant warehouses totaling approximately 300,000 square feet. The first 60,000 square foot building was completed in spring 2018.

The building features a tight and well-insulated building envelope, heat recovery ventilation, and a central in-floor heating system supplied by air-to-water heat pumps with a peak-load natural gas boiler. A net-metered solar PV system offsets the cost of both fuel sources to provide the tenant zero (or near zero) heating costs for the base building heating system.

In addition, the building is equipped with windows and skylights for maximum use of daylighting, LED lights with motion sensors, and the use of automation and energy efficient ventilation systems. The Wilkinson Warehouse is built to be the next generation of warehouses – using our extensive knowledge of efficient warehouse design and current cost-effective technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the bottom line of tenants through lower operating costs.