Lufkin Automation

Project description

Lufkin Automation designs, manufactures and sells high-tech electronic well automation equipment. The project is located in Lakeview Business Park, a former golf course providing a unique, well-landscaped environment for new development. The building is strategically placed along the center line of a former fairway preserving mature trees along either side. The skin is constructed entirely of tilt-wall concrete and clad with various natural materials and textures. The offices are located on the west side of the building and clad with limestone softening the presentation of the building to the main entrance of the business park. We employed functional sunshades, setback storefront and high-performing Low-E glazing to take advantage of day-lighting and views while minimizing glare. A vertically cantilevered tilt-wall fin clad with polished limestone slides seamlessly into the building’s interior. Copper roofs hover above the parapet line sponsoring double height volumes in the interior flooding open office areas with natural light. The manufacturing volume with an S-panel form-liner texture is significantly higher with the excess height appearing to float over a continuous glass band allowing natural light into the assembly areas.