Newfoundland Chocolate Company - Torbay

Project description

The Newfoundland Chocolate Company store is part of a serious effort to revitalize what once was an economically depressed strip mall. New tenants have since leased street-facing property and have redesigned their stores contributing as a result to the overall quality of the mall. Occupying a prime location within the mall the Newfoundland Chocolate Company, through its outward facing store, has played a prominent role in achieving this revitalization, giving life to the mall as a result. Its recognizable welcoming exterior has been very successful in attracting clients and increasing footfall in and around the mall. The intention of the owner was to create an exterior which reflected the identity of Newfoundland. The choice of traditional wood siding and the design of the awning where careful attempts at place-making, generating an ambience to which the visitors could relate.

The property has an area of approximately 13000 sf. The front of the property was designed as the main store and cafe. The colors and materials were carefully chosen with the intention of creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Most of the area however is occupied by the corporate production facility. The design of the facility has created an efficient and effective circulation that enabled the processing of the chocolate to flow smoothly. This new facility will enable the continued expansion of Newfoundland Chocolate Company for many years to come.