Newfoundland Chocolate Company - Avalon Mall

Project description

As the most successful mall east of Montreal, Avalon Mall, is undergoing extensive renovation and expansion. Engaging in this exciting new development Newfoundland Chocolate Company has secured itself a prime corner location. The flag-ship store is strategically placed adjacent to the mall’s largest anchor store, capitalizing as a result on the increased footfall.

The design is intended to attract clients through the careful treatment of its façade. The chamfered corner of the store establishes a panoramic view as clients approach the store. The façade is covered in textured chocolate brown panels. The glossiness of the surface and the wave-like texture scatters the light, creating a shimmering effect that is appealing and attractive. The exterior seating, extends the store’s warm ambience into the mall’s corridors.

The store’s interior is designed with two focal points to draw people in. These focal points are the gelato bar and chocolate fountain. The interior combines clean lines and soft warm colors, creating a fresh yet cozy atmosphere. The design also accentuates directionality with white subway tiles that align with cabinetry. The starlit constellation within the store generates an ambience of wonder and delight within the store.