Quality Programs - The Devil is in the Details


Architecture practices have placed their focus on design, innovation, and sustainability yet have neglected the importance of proper detailing and documentation to promote these strategies. This program describes the reasons architects deviated from the basics and creates simple strategies for a hard restart. Implementing a proper Quality Program is the key to succeeding in not only affirming the design but also in protecting the Architecture practice from the costs of rework and risk management concerns.

The expression “the devil is in the details” identifies that mistakes are made within the smallest details of a project. Architecture education tends to focus on design, and the architectural community still functions within factions – the designers and the production teams. In reality you cannot be a great designer if you don’t care about the details, and you cannot be a great detailer if you don’t care about the design. Detailing has become an art that melds technology, building sciences, and design, and takes years of training to develop. This knowledge must be passed to younger architects in order for our industry to keep advancing.

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Detail Quality Program