Tilt-Wall System
It may appear outré to extol the virtues of load-bearing wall construction in the 21st century after post-industrial revolution inventions such as the skeleton-frame structural systems of steel and cast-in-place concrete. However, load-bearing wall construction, particularly tilt wall, has never had more potential to respond to market challenges and capitalize on technological advancements. Recent innovations in the science of concrete composition and engineering advancements like helical fiber reinforcement have enormous implications to all aspects of the material. These products, strategies, and additives enhance and support concrete’s flexibility and applicability across numerous construction systems, including the tilt wall method. Recent changes affecting industrial and office building types have instigated and sponsored new developments in tilt wall construction technology. For instance, real estate market forces are driving the accommodation of more floors, higher densities, and taller clear heights on strategically desirable, and hence, costlier land.

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