MEDDNeT™ is a Healthcare Innovation, Transportation Logistics Empowered and Commercial Real Estate Facilitated strategy harmonized into a Mobilization and Deployment tactic that covers the Nation. The Medical Emergency Disaster Distribution Network is a private sector enterprise solution to provide rapidly-deployable, plug-and-play medical environments to meet natural disaster or pandemic response/recovery medical treatment needs. MEDDNet™ combines three critical components into a single integrated system: pre-positioned medical units, a logistics+transportation network, and regionally-based real-property for both storage and staging.

MEDDNet™ is the brainchild of a private sector consortium of companies: ProLogis, Powers Brown Architecture, LJB Inc, and Leo A Daly Company, and was developed over a 4-month period in early 2020. Prompted by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and the clear challenges that face our public sector partners, MEDDNet™ is a comprehensive solution aimed at pre-positioning and physically deploying rapid-response resources for regional or national emergencies. Our approach covers the continental U.S. and territories, and because it is fully scalable, could easily be deployed throughout the Americas.

This simple concept provides great value to all government entities (Federal, State, Local) and their residents to provide safe, clean, conditioned facilities for all types disaster events. Once the crisis is over, the units are returned to home base for cleaning, updating and storage, which eliminates the waste generated when public funds are used to purchase one-off, ad-hoc responses.

MEDDNet™ is a low cost, rapid-response, scalable, repeatable and reliable disaster response solution.