Eco Centre at Lake Pointe

Project description

Eco Centre is a seven-story, 153,932-sf office building. This Pre-certified LEED Platinum building sits lake-front, providing views both to and from the building. The skin of the building is a balancing act between what is aesthetically desirable and what is LEED-friendly. Each side of the building reacts to its solar orientation: the west side glazing is deep set and uses custom vertical and horizontal sunshades to protect from the harsh sun angles. By contrast, the east and north facades are predominately curtain wall, using lighter, more transparent sunshades on the east to allow for as much natural light as possible.

Other sustainable systems used are solar panels on the garage and a green grid roof on the different roof surfaces of the office. The building also uses a rain water collection system and water from the adjacent lake to irrigate the native plants surrounding the building and for the fountain.