Project description

cPanel’s basis of design was to create an environment for the product development teams to focus and create. Each pod was planned with the concept of teams in mind with a conference area in the center, surrounding offices, and clerestory windows to allow light into the spaces. A major comment we received while touring their existing space was every office and corridor looked the exact same and people constantly were getting lost within the building. Knowing we were going to end up with long corridors due to the pod atmosphere, wayfinding became a top concern. The public areas and corridors have a two toned LVT flooring which fades from a walnut on the north side of the building to a white washed wood on the south to provide a sense of direction. To add interest to long corridors, we shifted offices by roughly six degrees to create angles moving through the space and painted them with various grey tones to help identify each pod. Within all public areas, pops of cPanel’s company color orange was used via paint, wall covering, or bold countertops. The main conference rooms received bright colors on the wall and floors while the private areas were designed to be subtle with tones from nature.