COPT Yulista

Project description

A new campus in the Redstone Gateway area to better connect and organize the many components associated with the Yulista brand. Three buildings currently under development and construction include a four story office building, a research and development facility and a warehouse building. Totaling approximately 365,000 SF of usable space, the new campus offers a new level of inter-connectivity and solutions flow for an expanding clientele. The adjacent warehouse and R&D facility allow for the receipt and storage of material to be transferred to a 135,000 SF open research facility where operations range from traditional office space associated with the manufacturing process to a series of open zones were the high level of precise manufacturing are to take place. To provide the highest level of flexibility, 24’ high clear bays support all the infrastructure necessary for the highly specialized equipment. In order to ensure the necessary levels of climate control, a composite insulated concrete panel construction was used throughout the facility given a higher level of thermal insulation than the existing facility.

The office building, visually connected to the warehouse and manufacturing facility, host all levels of teams integrated to drive projects to completion. At ground level, the office building provides amenity and conferencing spaces to be used by the company as well as the public in general. The upper stories are composed of a series of collaboration, meeting and individual workstations organized around a centrally located spine of access from the more collective spaces to the more individual. Throughout the campus and at each facility branding showcasing the Alaskan roots, products and solutions provide a sense of belonging and pride for both its visitors and employees.