Klein Network Operations Center

Project description

Klein ISD Network Operations Center is a renovation and reconstruction project that
was designed to house the school district’s network and IT departments, while also
providing space for the district’s Alumni Center.

The Operations Center sits on the site of the old Klein ISD High School building. The
task was to create a space that would suit all the user requirements yet retain the history
and feel of not only the original school, but also incorporate the strong community
ties. Upon demolition of the original school, special care was taken to retain some of
the historic building materials to be given new purpose in the modern facility.

The curtain wall and chimney accents were designed to reflect the image of the original
high school while concealing a structure with the ability to protect the district data in the
event of strong storms up to F3 tornados and CAT 4 hurricanes.

In the alumni center, the window design and placement and wood ceiling beams are
reminiscent of the original school. The design took care to incorporate the salvaged
material such as the old scoreboard, a few lockers and old gym floor boards into the
alumni center room to retain the history of the original school building and the closely
connected German community while creating a new, high-tech environment with a the
purpose of protecting the data used to run the district.