Metal Construction News – Galveston Transit Terminal

Metal Construction News – Galveston Transit Terminal

Powers Brown Architecture of Texas LLC specified aluminum composite material (ACM) panels and perforated aluminum panels in its design to renovate Island Transit’s Galveston Transit Terminal for busses. The perforated panels provide a vehicle screen and ventilation. The ACM was used for sunshading components.

Galveston Transit Terminal is located in the Strand Historic District in downtown Galveston, which is a National Historic Landmark District with Victorian-era buildings and retail businesses. The ground level of the 72,954-square-foot building houses the bus terminal, 4,880 square feet of retail space, 2,196 square feet of space for a visitor center and restrooms, and a 917-square-foot waiting area. The upper levels contain the garage with 159 parking spaces.

Three types of McNICHOLS Co.’s perforated, anodized aluminum panels were used: one primary type and two for accents. For the main field panels on the exterior façades, Ranger Specialized Glass Inc. installed panels perforated with 3/4-inch round holes in a 1-inch staggered pattern and a natural finish.

The first type of accent panels was used to create a pattern of rectangles that mimics vertical windows on nearby buildings. The accent panels are the same type as the main panels, except they have a 2 1/2-inch relief and are coated in PPG Industries Inc.’s Silversmith Metallic.

Jeffrey Brown, FAIA, founding principal and CEO at Powers Brown Architecture, says, “The design idea was to index the windows and aperture patterns of the historic building, but not copy them. The Silver Metallic coating makes the relief panels appear blue, like windows, Brown says.

“We found a deep stale blue powder-coating renders the panels sufficiently reflective and glass-like without being kitschy.”

The second accent panels are adjacent to the relief panels and have a denser perforation pattern than the other panels. Ranger Specialized Glass installed panels perforated with 1/4-inch round holes in a 3/8-inch staggered pattern and natural finish.

For a canopy at the roof level of a stair/elevator tower and other shading devices, Ranger Specialized Glass installed 3A Composites USA Inc.’s Alucobond ACM panels in Anodic Clear. The project was completed in March 2016.

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