Legacy 1/2

Project description

Legacy Business Park is a multi-phase project located on the North Beltway. Phase I consists of two large commercial buildings arranged on the site where the main focus while entering the park is on the office areas. The dynamic use of tilt-wall paneling and curtain-wall bay glazing gives the office spaces and the entire project a unique look compared to your typical industrial park. Each of the buildings provides a clear height of 28-32 feet and has enough space to accommodate 4-6 tenants depending on their spatial needs.

Phase II consists of three buildings, which make up this 348,000 sf complex.

An angled entry unifies the buildings, while varying levels of detail distinguishes them. A variety of materials, including limestone, galvanized metal, reflected glass and concrete emphasize each of the buildings’ office spaces. The most detailed of the three buildings, seen above, fronts the freeway entrance.